I've decided to leave the first contest open until we have more icons, at the moment we have 7 and so I'm going to wait until we have about 10-15 to vote, etc.

Thank you!


Hello all! As this is a new community I'm going to give until Friday 5th March 2010 to close this first contest.
Remember to read the rules in the user info before participating. Some guidelines are also noted below.

- Comment with your submissions in reply to this post. All posts are screened.
- Don't post them anywhere else before the end of the challenge.
- Use only the pictures provided and submit Icons original to this challenge (ie. not made beforehand).
- You may sumbit up to 5 Icons in this challenge.

Images (click on thumbnails to enlarge):

Thank you!



Diane Icontest
is currently looking for a co-moderator, or even a few. If you're interested please comment with your e-mail and any experience/interest you have. Though, experience isn't completely nessasary, as long as you can use LiveJournal well.
Don't be shy, all comments are screened.

Spaces filled, thank you!

Communnity Mods:
Co Mods:



Hello all, welcome to the Diane Kruger Icontest.
I set this up because the others out there all seemed to be quite dead. If I'm wrong, do tell me. This is going to be a stillness community, with weekly challenges - open to everyone!
Please remember to read the rules!

I think that's all I have to say here, please comment with any queries :)
Hope to see you around!

~ Pearly_Gold